Weather in the Zulu Kingdom


October to April, summer clothes, a warm jacket or jersey for the cooler mornings and evenings. May to September, winter clothes. A very warm jacket for the cold morning and nights. Comfortable walking shoes track shoes or boots are useful for the hiking trails. Sandals are good for general use.


During the winter months the temperatures can reach 27C during a hot spell and the coastal areas occasionally have a low of 7C in winter.


Pietermaritzburg has extremely hot,humid weather from November to March reaching temperatures of up to 44C with a discomfort index of 5C from the humidity. The average temp is about 32C. In winter the average is about 15C during the day.


The best months to visit South Africa are April and May. All the provinces experience moderate weather during these months. Coolish nights and glorious days!


NB: Even when the weather may seem cool, the sun’s rays are still powerful. Sun tan lotion should be applied before any prolonged exposure.

1 August 2006 00:14:01